About The Pickwick Club

The Phostumous Papers of Pickwick Club is the name of a novel by Charles Dickens, that was first translated into Spanish by Benito Perez Galdós. It tell us the adventures of Mr. Pickwick and his very strange friends.

We have chosen this name for our English Blog, to show how Perez Galdos was very interested in English Literature, specially in Dickens and Shakespeare.

4 Responses to About The Pickwick Club

  1. David Ruiz says:

    Hola Oscar soy David, me ha costado un monton encontrar la pagina, pero ya esta, te mando mi direccíon de correo. Un saludo y hasta mañana.

  2. Hello
    Some time ago, when I was looking for material online relating to Dickens’s Pickwick Papers, I came across your website. I was delighted that you had called yourselves The Pickwick Club, and I made a note to contact you in 2015. You see, I have written a novel about the origins and afterlife of The Pickwick Papers, and its main character is Robert Seymour, the suicidal illustrator of Pickwick, whose drawing, Mr Pickwick Addresses the Club, appears on your website. I do hope you will take a look at my novel, if you get the opportunity. It’s called Death and Mr Pickwick and it will be published in May by the Random House Group (in the UK) and in June by Farrar, Straus & Giroux (in the USA). You can find out more at:
    You will see there too a link to a facebook page I have set up for the novel, which you may wish to visit.
    Best wishes

    Stephen Jarvis

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