Here are some questions that may help you to prepare the A1 oral exam:

–        What´s your name/surname?

–        How are you?

–        How old are you?

–        When´s your birthday?

–        Where do you live?

–        Have you got any brothers or sisters?

–        How many brothers or sisters have you got?

–        What´s your favourite subject?

–        What subjects do you have at school?

–        What TV programmes do you like?

–        What´s your favourite TV programme?

–        How long do you watch TV every day?

–        What school subject don´t you like?

–        What do you do in your free time?

–        Do you usually read books/comics?

–        Do you do any sports?

–        Do you often go to concerts?

–        Do you go to the swimming-pool?

–        What do you like doing?

–        What do you love doing?

–        What do you hate doing?

–        Do you hate ironing?

–        What time do you get up?

–        What´s your favourite food?

–        What type of music do you listen to?

–        Apart from English and Spanish, do you speak any other language?

–        Do you have pets at home?

–        Do you spend a long time doing homework?

–        Do you like to celebrate your birthday?

–        Do you like buying clothes?

–        Do you prefer summer time or winter time?

–        Do you have a computer in your room?

–        What time do you usually go to bed at night?

–        How often do you use a computer at home?

–        Where do you like going when you have free time?

–        Describe yourself.

–        What is there in this classroom?

–        Do you use computers for school work?

–        What do you use computers for?

–        Do you play video games?

–        Are you wearing earrings?

–        Do you usually wear trainers?

–        What are you doing now?

–        What did you do yesterday?

–        Where did you go last summer?

–        What hobbies do you have?

–        What do you like doing when you are at home?

–        Who´s your best friend?

–        What does he/she like doing in his/her free time?

–        What time do you usually have lunch?

–        What do you like eating for dinner?

–        What do you do with the pocket money your parents give you?

–        Do you like going out with friends?

–        Who´s Justin Bieber?

–        Where´s he from?

–        Who´s Rafa Nadal?

–        Where´s he from?

–        How do you feel?

–        What do you usually do at the weekends?

–        What does your mother/father like/love/hate?

–        Does your mother like dancing?

–        Does your father like cooking?

–        Who´s your favourite artist?

–        Compare two boys/girls.

–        How many hours do you usually study?

–        Who´s the strongest child in your class?

–        What´s the most dangerous animal in the world?

–        What´s the largest river in the world?

–        What´s the highest mountain in Spain?

–        What type of books do you like?

–        What type of books does your father like?

–        What do you like doing at school?

–        If you make a cake, what ingredients do you need?

–        What is there in your kitchen?

–        Where did you go on holiday last summer?

–        Who did you go with?

–        How long did you go for?

–        What do you like doing on holiday?

–        What do you usually take with you on holiday?

–        What are you going to do next summer?

–        Did you eat ice-cream yesterday?

–        Why is it a good thing to study English?


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